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solix watch

I've inherited a Solix watch from my grandfather. He served in the RAF in Africa during the war and I believe this was the watch he used durng that time. It is small(ish), has a non-reflective bronze coloured face and claims to ne anti-magnetic, waterproof and shock resistant.
I've tried to find a resource on the internet that can tell me a little about Solix watches but can't find anything. I have no interest in selling it, but I would like to know more about Solix watches, can anyone help?

and it was not mentioned in the GP history book I have. I have copied this post to the public forum and I encourage you to get a few photos ready and to post a similar question at the vintage forum. Good luck.

Hello from Canada, like you I have a solix 17 jewel stainless steel, water resistant and it has a word on the back in the center "INCABLOC". It is need of serious repair, a crystal, cleaning and a band. Have you found out anymore info on this watch? Just curious.