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Stainless steel bracelets and skin discoloration

I have noticed that after playing tennis, there is dark grey discoloration on my left wrist caused by the SS watch bracelet. Is this due to the nickel content of the bracelet reacting to the perspiration? BTW the stain does come off with scrubbing.

It's most probably a fine paste of steel and sweat. Friction between links will grind off microscopic pieces of steel that mix with sweat to make a grey paste.
I don't think that it's anything reacting with perspiration, if that were the case the most likely result would be a redness that didn't wash off.

It is possible that there would be some microscopic bits of stainless steel from link wear but I personally doubt if sufficient wear to create visible deposits would occur in even a long tennis match.

a soft brush and dishwashing liquid soap. Should help

i'm thinking it's a combination of the dirt, sweat, dust, etc. plus maybe a chemical reaction of somesort based on your ph level. i've never experienced it myself and most i know haven't either....but a few i know have and that is the only conclusion i can come up with? now i'm not sure if it makes a difference based on nickel content or which variation of stainless steel is used as i'm no chemist?? i'm curious does it happen to you on any other ss watch? oh i guess i should add this is only a guess, i have no scientific proof of any sort to back this up....basically i'm thinking out loud.....anyone who might be a chemist want to comment???
watches.....heuer carrera 1153 cal 11 x 2, heuer 1163v viceroy cal 12 x 2, tag heuer 1964 reissue lemania 1873 carrera x 3...seeing a sick pattern here aren't you? i'm starting to realize it myself.